A record Renault Clio that costs more? of 80 thousand euros, that's why? …


For fans of small & quot; bad & quot; supercars that have no budget problems, there is a greedy opportunity & agrave; on the Collecting Cars auction site. Indeed, we find a rare Renault Clio V6 in practically perfect condition with less than 1,600 km to the active . It is one of 18 models in the color & quot; Liquid Yellow & quot; delivered in the UK. This little supercar & egrave; in the & quot; Phase 2 version& quot; which is characterized by a pi & ugrave; powerful, for a step more; long and for a longer roadway; wider than the Clio V6 & quot; Phase 1 & quot ;. Furthermore, this series & egrave; just 1,309 copies were made.

The model for sale features a leather-finished interior with the & quot; Renaultsport & quot; logo. embroidered on the seat backrests. The standard equipment of this small supercar includes air conditioning, electric windows, cruise control and the original Cabasse Auditorium sound system. The highlight is; obviously its engine, a 3-liter V6 capable of delivering 255 hp (188 kW) . The engine & egrave; been centrally located and this has allowed us to create a car that is really fun to drive and extremely effective on the track.

The model at auction has the original documentation and is always been subjected to careful maintenance. The car was previously part of a private collection. Renault Clio V6s have become rare and are highly prized by collectors . Precisely for this reason, their prices have skyrocketed over time.

That's why & eacute; at the beginning we were talking about fans who don't have budget problems. Whoever intends to win the small supercar will have to; prepare to shell out even more & ugrave; of 80 thousand euros. Currently, the latest offer is of 60 thousand pounds equal to over 71 thousand euros but it is thought that in the end it will be; sold for over 70 thousand pounds and therefore more; of 80 thousand euros . However, given the few km to the active and its conditions, it is; possible that we can climb further.

In any case, the auction will end. on October 27. At that point you can & agrave; find out how much it will be; the car was actually sold.

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