Tino Sanandaji must report the “disgusting” Expressen


Published October 19, 2021 at 1:39 pm

Media. Bulletin's founder Tino Sanandaji now states that he will report Expressen for libel and for violating the rules of press ethics. This after Expressen in a new article wrote that Bulletin's board called in a triple killer to investigate its own staff.

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According to Expressen's article, the life-sentenced triple murderer Ricard Nilsson appeared at the Bulletin's meeting.

Nilsson, who in September 1999 executed three men with shots to the head when he failed to rob them of money, was there as a representative of Bulletin's new CEO and board member Jannik Svensson, 27.

Participants in the meeting describe the situation as unpleasant. During a recording, the triple killer is heard scolding a co-owner who wonders why the management has hired a “left-liberal and woke” editor-in-chief (Andrew Rosenthal) and given him SEK 200,000 in monthly salary.

Tino Sanandaji, who founded Bulletin, now writes on Facebook that he will report Expressen.

“Expressem is just lying, and will be reported for press ethics and for slander,” he writes. . Their reporting on the Bulletin is “a mix of sick lies and distortions”, he continues. others have critical thinking.This time they will ruin the life of a 27-year-old kind new CEO by portraying him as a criminal, mafia, 'goalkeeper', etc etc. Hatred pours through, there are no attempts to be honest, Expressen wants only harm “, writes Tino Sanandaji.

Bulletin's CEO Jannik Svensson himself tells Expressen that it is not relevant that Ricard Nilsson is a triple killer.

– I can not see how it is at all is relevant. He has served his sentence and as far as I know he is not suspected of anything. Are we going to punish him several times, you mean? says Jannik Svensson.