Tesla, from Model Y to the new Superchargers: what's new? of Q3 2021 in Europe


Tesla & egrave; a very dynamic car manufacturer that month after month always offers some news. You can't & ograve; forget, for example, that thanks to the OTA updates it continues to improve its cars as well as introducing new features. Commitment is not only on the software front, of course, because & eacute; the American manufacturer is working on the expansion of the Supercharger network and its service points.

Tesla therefore wanted to summarize the news; on products, software updates, the growth of the Supercharger network and the expansion of its offices in Europe during the third quarter of 2021 .


During Q3 of 2021, the deliveries of the Model Y in Europe finally started. As we know, due to the delays in the commissioning of the Gigafactory of Germany, the cars are important from the Gigafactory of China. Always speaking of Model Y, the company & agrave; by Elon Musk has made it known that through the Tesla account or the Tesla app, & egrave; available for the SUV the Acceleration Boost function which improves the 0-100 km/h acceleration of the Model Y Long Range from 5 seconds to just 4.4 seconds.

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As mentioned at the beginning, Tesla releases several OTA updates that bring various improvements to the cars. A lot of news arrived in Q3 2021. Here is a list of the main ones.

  • Coordination with Powerwall : the car coordinates with the Powerwall for charging based on the energy demands of the house
  • Sky Force Reloaded : new arcade game
  • Improved battery performance in cold climates : Improved battery performance in cold weather
  • Mode & agrave; car wash : closes everything (windows, doors …) and disables the mode; sentinel and parking sensors before entering a car wash
  • Auto dimming of rear view mirrors : you can & ograve; enable or disable auto dimming for mirrors
  • Dashcam enhancements : the dashcam can & ograve; automatically save clips every time the vehicle detects the occurrence of a safety event
  • Display of remaining range : you can & ograve; switch from battery percentage to units away by touching the remaining autonomy display
  • Stay connected to the Wi-Fi in Drive : you can & ograve; stay connected to Wi-Fi even on the move
  • New languages ​​: support for new languages ​​arrives


During the quarter, Tesla installed in Europe more & ugrave; 450 new Supercharger charging stations in 55 locations.

  • Austria. Vienna – Gewerbepark Stadlau, Villach-Ost, Eberstalzell, Langkampfen (expansion) & ndash; 41 stalls (2 V2)
  • Finland. Kuopio & ndash; 8 V3 stalls
  • France. Dijon & ndash; Longvic, Bourges (expansion), Orl & eacute; ans (expansion), Rivesaltes, Salaise-sur-Sanne, Vierzon, Ch & acirc; teauroux (expansion), Rouen (expansion) & ndash; 78 stalls (6 V2)
  • Germany. Reinfeld, Murr, Karlsruhe, Lohne (expansion), Plauen, Gensingen (expansion), Posthausen, Kaltenkirchen, Emsb & uuml; ren (expansion), Rosenheim & ndash; 111 stalls V3
  • Greece. Psathopyrgos North, Psathopyrgos South & ndash; 8 stalls V3
  • Hungary. Szeged (expansion) & ndash; 4 stalls V3
  • Iceland. H & ouml; fn, Akureyri & ndash; 11 V3 stalls
  • Ireland. Tralee & ndash; 2 stalls V2
  • Lithuania. Kaunas & ndash; 5 stalls V3
  • Holland. Tilburg, Sassenheim & ndash; 24 stalls V3
  • Norway. L & aelig; rdal (expansion), Kl & oslash; fta, Karasjok, Kautokeino & ndash; 32 V3 stalls
  • Poland. Bialystok & ndash; 6 stalls V3
  • Romania. Constanta & ndash; 6 stalls V3
  • Spain. Ondara, Almer & iacute; a, Sagunto & ndash; 20 V3 stalls
  • Sweden. Sundsvall West, Hogstorp, Vetlanda, Kristianstad (expansion), Dorotea, & Aring; nge & ndash; 52 V3 stalls
  • United Kingdom. Exeter (expansion), Camborne, Sevenoaks, Flimwell, Derby, Hartshead Moor West, Hartshead Moor East & ndash; 50 stalls (24 V2)

Finally, the American manufacturer has opened new locations where customers can go to see the cars.

  • Croatia. Zagreb
  • Denmark. Odense
  • France. Toulouse
  • United Kingdom. Stratford-upon-Avon, Reading and Glasgow


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