Tesla Cybertruck, spotted a prototype with traditional rearview mirrors


The production of the Tesla Cybertruck, as we know, is; been postponed to the end of 2022 and only in the course of 2023 will it go fully operational. All this, provided that there are no further delays. Over the months it & egrave; talked a lot about small changes that the electric pickup would have to undergo before going into production. However, they have never been spelled out in detail. Now, check out a short video recorded by Jesse Sandoval in which we see a prototype of the electric pickup intent on carrying out some tests at Castle Airport, California, a few hours from Fremont. Thanks to the video & egrave; You may notice some interesting things.


Although the quality & agrave; of the movie is not good, you can & ograve; however note that the Cybertruck has traditional rearview mirrors . This is an important detail as the prototypes seen so far used an external camera system. A solution that allows you to improve vehicle efficiency and therefore fuel consumption. This news, however, was expected. In fact, in America it is not; allowed to replace rear-view mirrors with cameras. In Europe, however, this technical solution is; allowed.

If Tesla intends to bring its new electric vehicle to the road, under current American laws it will have to & agrave; necessarily equip it with classic rear-view mirrors. In any case, on this issue Elon Musk & egrave; intervened confirming their presence but added that they were designed for can be easily removed by the owners .

The video also shows the pickup making a very tight turn , proving to be particularly agile for its size. This would suggest that the prototype could have 4 steering wheels . Unfortunately, the low quality of the video does not allow us to understand this detail with absolute certainty but, in the past, Elon Musk had stated that the Cybertruck would have integrated this particular technique that would have made it possible to have greater agility, especially in more maneuvers; tight.

It seems, therefore, that Jesse Sandoval has intercepted one of the latest prototypes of Tesla's electric pickup. Too bad for the quality & agrave; of the movie and for images taken from afar. In fact, it would have been an opportunity to verify further differences with the old prototypes. Hope is; that over the next few months they will see more Cybetruck prototypes around the streets to better understand the news; that the American manufacturer will introduce & agrave; in the production version.

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