Photo competition: vote on the subject of “tunnel vision”


The month of October is drawing to a close and so, in addition to the screenshot competition, the monthly winner is also being sought in the community photo competition. The best shot on the subject of “tunnel vision” is to be chosen by means of a vote. You can vote until October 31st. Every vote is welcome.

Plenty of leeway for interpretations

The topic ” Tunnelblick ”offered a lot of room for interpretation this month. Not only the view into a tunnel structure, but also the strongly focused view of something are just a few examples that are also reflected in the total of 16 photos submitted.

Every user registered on ComputerBase is allowed to vote in the forum until the end of the month. When voting, however, not only the optically most beautiful photo should be in the foreground, but also which best reflects the topic in terms of content.

The winner can then choose the motto for the following month. Comments on the individual images are expressly desired.