M-top: I called SD's policy racist even though I knew it was not true


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Published October 20, 2021 at 3:42 pm

Domestic. The Moderates 'economic-political spokesperson Elisabeth Svantesson stated in 2016 that the Sweden Democrats' policy is racist. Now she states that she did not really believe in this herself – but that she just did like everyone else.

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It was in an interview with Dagens Nyheter in October 2016 that Elisabeth Svantesson explained that parts of SD's “politics are racist because it is based on a 'us and them'”.

But in a trailer for SVT Svantesson's interview program “30 Minutes” now says that she regrets the phraseless statement, Expressen reports.

– I think it was wrong for me to say that they had a racist policy, because I did not really think so then. But this is not a defense, just an explanation for that answer. It was a period when everyone wanted to find these labels, she says.

When asked why she still made the statement, Elisabeth Svantesson answers:

– It was because I was , you were a part of this, everyone went in the same direction instead of stopping and thinking: “But hey, what are we doing now”.