iCulture Today: this was Tuesday, October 19, 2021


It's the day after a big event and that means: a lot of background information with the announcements. For example, we have listed the differences between AirPods 3 vs AirPods 2 for you and we will discuss the choice of Mac with Intel or Apple Silicon? Because there's plenty to consider before transferring your hard-earned money to Apple! That and more in this iCulture Today!

News and opinion

  • The Beats Fit Pro sporty earphones will be released in November. They have now been leaked via iOS code.
  • These Intel Macs are still available from Apple.
  • The AirPods Pro have a MagSafe case for better magnetic charging.
  • You didn't know these twelve details about the MacBook Pro 2021.
  • Apps can use the space around the notch for extra info.
  • These are the MacBook Pro 2021 prices : See how much it costs to upgrade your Mac.
  • Here are six details of the AirPods 3 you may have missed.
  • Apple was considering its own cloud service for games alongside Apple Arcade.
  • Apple Music Voice Plan is a cheaper music plan with Siri. But is it useful?


  • These are the best iTunes and App Store deals of the week.
  • Looking for the cheapest AirPods? Here you will find all AirPods offers.
  • We've listed the best Apple Watch offers, so you can be sure that you don't pay too much for the latest models.
  • These are the this week's best iPhone deals.

Tips and explanations

  • Read all about the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors here.
  • View the M1 Pro vs M1 Max comparison to know which of the two you should have.
  • Mac with Intel or Apple Silicon: if you have choice stress, we help you further.

Apps and devices

  • AirPods 3 vs AirPods 2: You can see the main differences here.

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