God of War (2018): Kratos will rage on PC in 2022


Surprise: Before the opulent God of War reboot continues on the PlayStation, the game comes to the PC. Already on January 14th, the title war god Kratos will rage under Windows. His role can be clearly defined: He should whet the appetite for God of War: Ragnarök, who will end the story arc.

Basically, Sony is quite openly targeting this role. That is to highlight the “extraordinary content” of the team in order to bring out a “breathtaking and powerful version” of the game. Although, according to the manufacturer, around 19.5 million copies were put into circulation on the PlayStation 4, the development of a further source of income will not have played an insignificant role.

In addition to the promotional value of such ports for the PlayStation, this aspect is the second central pillar of Sony's porting strategy. With that in mind, it makes sense to bring the next big name to PC after Uncharted 4.

Improvements on the PC

For the PC version, Sony promises a matter of course such as graphics settings and a configurable control system. In addition to gamepads, input devices also expressly include a mouse and keyboard. On the PC there are higher resolution shadows, improved screen space reflections and improvements to the ambient occlusion. In addition, 21: 9 resolutions are also supported by Nvidia's DLSS and Reflex. Also included are a number of items for Kratos.

Additional content of the PC version

  • Death vow armor sets for Kratos and Atreus
  • “Guardian of the Exile “Shield design
  • ” Fist shield of the forge “shield design
  • ” Soul shield of the light albums “shield design
  • Dökkskjöldur shield design

The God of War reboot has been proving since 2018 that old genre greats can successfully reinvent themselves. The relatively simple hack & apos; n & apos; Slay became an action adventure that retained its characteristic brutality, but now combines it with a fascinating and freely accessible game world that gains depth through secondary tasks and role-playing elements. All of this is connected via the relationship between Kratos and his son, which spins a gripping story.