Corsair iCUE Elite LCD: Luxury AiO cooler with LC display for animated images


If colorful RGB lighting effects are not enough for you, Corsair will in future also be able to display your favorite GIF on the CPU cooler. The all-in-one water coolers of the iCUE Elite LCD series have a small display that also shows system parameters such as fan speed or CPU temperature.

Mini-LCD for the pump head

The “Dashboard” is the new gimmick of the iCUE Elite LCD cooler series. This is an IPS-LCD with a diagonal of 2.1 inches, which sits directly on the CPU heat sink with an integrated water pump. In the case of a housing with a window, the mini-display comes into its own in the center. The comparatively high brightness of the background lighting of 600 cd/m² also helps. The resolution is 480 × 480 pixels and the color depth is 24 bits (8 bits per RGB channel). Content should be displayed with 30 FPS.

Corsair iCUE Elite LCD Series (Image: Corsair)

Corsair primarily shows various options for outputting system information such as the CPU temperature or the fan speed. The small display should also be able to output images, animated graphics in GIF format or even videos. A ring of 24 individually controllable RGB LEDs around the display, which can be programmed using iCUE software, provides additional stimuli.

The fans of the ML RGB ELITE series with magnetic levitation bearings on the radiator are of course also provided with individually configurable lighting. If desired, the play of light can be harmonized with other components of the iCUE ecosystem from Corsair.

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Corsair iCUE Elite LCD Series
Corsair iCUE Elite LCD Series
Corsair iCUE Elite LCD Series
The small display is included with the new cooler models H100i Elite LCD (240 mm), H150i Elite LCD (360 mm) and H170i Elite LCD (420 mm). It goes without saying that these are compatible with Intel's new LGA 1700 CPU socket just before the market launch of Alder Lake. The accessories also allow installation on Intel LGA 1200/115x/2066/2011 as well as AM4 and sTRX4 from AMD.

prices and availability

The following list provides links to the manufacturer's product pages with further information as well as the prices that have been called up there. Even the smallest version costs almost 260 euros more than Corsair's most expensive model to date. In free trade, at least somewhat lower prices can be expected due to the competition between shops. Corsair mentions immediate availability for all models in the press release, but the shop mentions delivery times of 5 to 6 weeks.

  • Corsair H100i Elite LCD (258 Euros)
  • Corsair H150i Elite LCD (294 euros)
  • Corsair H170i Elite LCD (317 euros)

Mini-display also for retrofitting for Capellix

The Elite LCD series is therefore a good deal more expensive than its sister series Elite Capellix, which ComputerBase tested in the form of the H150i Elite Capellix model.

Incidentally, the LCD is available for retrofitting the Capellix models: Corsair charges around 100 euros for the upgrade kit .