Volvo optimizes the range of its electric cars with Range Assistant


Volvo wants to help its electric users to better manage the remaining range of their car. For this, the automaker will distribute, through an OTA update , the new Range Assistant app. The application, still in beta version, is designed to help drivers monitor the available range of their electric Volvo and optimize it through intelligent energy management and driving style advice regarding efficiency.

More specifically, the application integrated into the Android-based infotainment system will offer; users clear and precise information on the estimated residual autonomy and energy consumption , in real time. In addition, the new Range Assistant app allows you to understand what are the key factors that affect driving range. But it is not; over here because & eacute; functionality which optimizes the autonomy allows you to automatically adjust the air conditioning system cos & igrave; to improve the maximum distance level.

The distribution of the ; update will start shortly and will end; by the end of October. Sanela Ibrovic , Head of Connected Experience at Volvo Cars, commented:

Through in-house software development and over-the-air updates we are constantly improving our cars, ensuring electric Volvo owners that their car always stays up to date. The Range Assistant app is a great example of how the rapid development and implementation of new features can improve the Volvo customer experience on a daily basis.

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