These Intel Macs are still available from Apple


You can still buy these Intel Macs

Some people need an Intel Mac because they need certain software, others may have their own reasons for investing in an Intel Mac. After the announcement of the MacBook Pro 2021 with M1 Pro and M1 Max processor, the temptation is great to make the switch to Apple Silicon. But if you don't want that, you still have some choice.

There are now three Mac models that still run on Intel chips:

  • 27-inch iMac
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac mini

27-inch iMac with Intel (2020)

While the smaller iMac has already made the move to Apple Silicon and a more colorful future, the larger one hasn't. The 2020 27-inch iMac is still on the shelves. This model was announced just before the M1 Macs and still has the familiar design in silver aluminum. Inside is the 10th generation Intel chips, which were actually faster than their predecessors. This was also the first iMac with a 1080p webcam. You get a beautiful 5K Retina screen and those who want to go all out can opt for glass with nano texture, for less reflection. This iMac can be configured up to 128GB RAM, 16GB memory and 8TB SSD storage.

You could still buy this iMac, but it's better to wait until next year when a successor is expected.

The Intel iMac is available from €1,999 from Apple.

Mac Pro with Intel (2019)

The Mac Pro is likely the last Mac to make the switch to Apple Silicon, with an even more powerful chip than we saw at the Unleashed event. This Mac was given a remarkable 'cheese grater' design in 2029 and can be combined with the Pro Display XDR, which features the same hole structure. Professional users have had to wait a long time for this new Mac Pro and have paid a lot of money for it. One of the advantages is that the structure is modular and that you can continue to upgrade. It is therefore hoped that the CPU can be easily replaced by Apple Silicon, but nothing is known about that yet. Apple recently added new options for graphics cards.

We expect the Mac Pro to get an update in the fall of 2022, so if you can wait a little longer, you should definitely do that.

The Intel Mac Pro is available from €6,499 from Apple.

Mac mini with Intel (2018)

Actually, we expected a high-end Mac mini at the Unleashed event, but Apple only talked about the new MacBook Pros. As a result, the Intel Mac mini from 2018 will remain in the range for a while, but that will probably not last long.

With the introduction of the first M1 Macs in November 2020, the first Mac mini with M1 chip also appeared. However, it is intended as an entry-level model, for people who already wanted to get started with Apple Silicon. The Intel Mac mini remained in the range and will remain so for the time being. You will find a somewhat older 8th generation Intel Core processor, 8GB memory and 512GB SSD storage. You'll pay more than the M1 Mac mini and it's less future-proof, so if you're urgently looking for a Mac mini to serve as a media server, for example, the M1 Mac mini might be a better purchase. You could also wait a little longer, because there have been so many rumors about a high-end Mac mini that it could just be announced via a press release in the coming months.

The Intel Mac mini is available from &euro ;1,259.10 at Apple.

For many people, buying an Intel Mac no longer makes sense. The experiences with the M1 chips are so good that it's best to wait until your favorite Mac model has switched to Apple Silicon. The chips are more energy efficient, more modern and more powerful in terms of performance than Intel's already somewhat outdated chips. That's because Apple has been able to develop everything in-house and no longer has to wait for Intel to adapt the chips for all manufacturers. If you need Windows on a Mac, it may make sense to go further with Intel.

If you really need an Intel Mac, you could of course also look beyond the Apple Store: many retail chains have even older models that sometimes go away with a nice discount. When purchasing your new Mac, pay attention to whether it contains Apple Silicon or Intel!