Steam Deck Verified: Valve checks games for handheld compatibility


Valve is testing which Steam games are running on the upcoming handheld. Users are informed of the result by new symbols that divide the Steam catalog into four categories. Games that run well on the Steam Deck are collected in a separate shop category.

To check whether a game runs well on the Steam Deck, Valve uses four criteria. In the area of ​​”input”, the company pays attention to complete controller support and an on-screen keyboard that works correctly if necessary. In addition, Valve tests in the “Display” category whether the standard resolution of the Steam Deck is supported, standard settings are “functional” and texts are displayed legibly.

Under the catchphrase “seamlessness”, the company ensures that no compatibility warnings are displayed and that any launcher can be operated with the controller. The fourth and last category is called “System Support”. Here, care is taken to ensure that a game supports Linux by either having a native port or by supporting it including all additional programs such as anti-cheat software from Proton, which does not always work properly with a compatibility layer.

inform symbols

If a game meets all of the criteria, it is considered “verified”. Users are informed about this in the form of a green tick. If a game does not meet all requirements, it is classified as “playable”. In this case, manual adjustments may have to be made, writes Valve. This can be the case by using a community layout for the controller or navigating a launcher using a touchscreen. If a game cannot be played on the Steam Deck, if it is “incompatible”, if it has not been tested, Valve also reports the status accordingly. Valve informs about the results of the test and any restrictions on the product page of the game. However, the purchase options do not restrict the classification, they are only intended as a guide.

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Fully compatible games get a green tick
Valve also provides detailed information about the result of the check

Valve lends a hand

The review of the Steam catalog has already started and should become an ongoing process, which also includes a multiple check if the compatibility changes due to updates by the developers or changes to the software of the Steam Deck. The general attitude is unusual. Previously, testing activities such as Steam Direct or the Steam Controller were passed on to the community or algorithms, the effort is obviously higher here. Valve no longer sees success as a sure-fire success.