Sharkoon Skiller SGK60: Box buttons protect themselves from dust


Sharkoon installs mechanical buttons in a “box” design in the Skiller SGK60, which costs around 90 euros. A box-shaped stamp is supposed to protect the interior from dust. RGB lighting is also available here, but PBT keycaps are only available as a set.

Visually, the new SGK60 hardly differs from other Skiller keyboards. It also has a housing with a sloping front, in which the metal plate is used both to stabilize the buttons and to cover the interior. The fact that metal becomes visible creates a noble look, but it also increases the volume with free-standing buttons, as sound can spread unchecked. A new addition to the feature list is a modular cable that is connected to a type C connector on the keyboard side.

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Sharkoon Skiller SGK60
Sharkoon Skiller SGK60
Sharkoon Skiller SGK60
Sharkoon Skiller SGK60

RGB LEDs also provide lighting on this keyboard. Deviating from the norm, they are located in the last row of buttons at the lower end of the button, so that the labeling on the front side for secondary functions can be better illuminated. Here the SGK60 offers the usual options for controlling media, volume and lighting. Some functions are also outsourced to four additional keys above the number pad. Sharkoon only uses PBTZ keycaps 14 times. They are included as alternatives for frequently used keys and can be recognized by their blue color.

Kailh Box Red Kailh Box Brown Kailh Box White Characteristics: linear, tactile, tactile (“clicky”) Stroke: 3.6 mm Position of the signal point: 1.8 mm Resistance at the signal point: 45 g 50 g Service life (stops): 80 million < h2 class = "text-width text-h2" id = "section_staubschutz_macht_den_vergleich"> Dust protection makes the difference

Buttons are called “Kailh Box” and are available in three versions. In addition to the red and brown versions, there is also a white version. It clicks noticeably and audibly, so it is comparable to blue-colored models from other series. According to Deskthority, however, the click should be more pronounced. Basically, however, the buttons remain on familiar territory in terms of their functional principle and primarily differ from the standard models in terms of their dust protection and thus the wider stamp.

All versions share a stroke shortened to 3.6 millimeters, trigger a little earlier than standard buttons and are equally easy to use. However, Sharkoon specifies the force required to trigger lower than in data sheets that are circulating on the network, which can possibly be traced back to different revisions of the button.

All three versions are available in stores for around 90 euros.

Sharkoon Skiller SGK60 Size (L × W × H): 45.0 × 16.5 × 3.8 cm Layout: 105 ISO (extended) Weight: 1,014 g Cable: 1.80 m, USB/Type- C-USB (modular) hub function: – Key-Rollover: N-KRO Switch: Kailh Box Red/Brown/White Keys: Shape: cylindrical
Material: ABS plastic
Labeling: laser cut Additional keys: 1 × Media
3 × Extra media functions: volume, play/pause, stop, forwards/backwards Additional functions: change profiles, brightness (regulate, switch off), LED modes, gaming mode, program links Lighting: Color: RGB
Modes: breathing effect, wave effect, reactive mode, circumferential activation, gaming lighting, color loop
Other: individual LED profiles macros & amp; Programming: 64 kB, 20 profiles, complete, programmable without software Price: from 90 €/from 86 €/from 86 €