Porsche, virtual influencers will be on board thanks to the agreement with iMaker


Who believes that the boundaries of Influencer marketing are already; (too) wide, perhaps it ignores the boundless possibilities; applications of Artificial Intelligence and robotics. If until recently robots sounded like science fiction experiments with dubious feasibility, now they take on more and more features and functions; concrete representing no longer & ugrave; only of the innovation of the future, but also of the present (Amazon's Astro is an example). As well as in everyday life; and in entire industrial sectors, robotics and AI are also gaining ground on the Net and on social networks , attracting not only users, but also brands and companies.

Not even the automotive sector and its protagonists have remained immune to their charm and the latest news; presented by Honda in the technological field demonstrate. The first to have grasped the potential of the combination of robotics and Influencer marketing & egrave; been for & ograve; Porsche . Through the unit venture capital company Porsche Ventures , the sports car maker announced that it has prepared a strategic investment with the company & agrave; Chinese technology iMaker , a leading provider of virtual influencers and digital ecosystems.

The two realities, which already collaborate; since last year, they have been designing a real digital ecosystem that will improve & agrave; the driving experience (or more generally travel) through the development of new tools and technologies for in-car applications that dialogue especially with young people through digital content and virtual influencers. It is therefore an investment that transcends the automotive industry keeping pace with the most advanced; recent consumer trends and with the new generations.

& quot; In its role as a traditional sports car manufacturer, Porsche & egrave; has always been the driving force of change and 'innovation,' commented Jens Puttfarcken, President and CEO of Porsche China. “ We want to stay at the forefront of the automotive industry as we move into the digital age. This investment by Porsche Ventures is; an important step in the implementation of our digital strategy and the start of an extended partnership with iMaker & quot ;.

But who are the virtual influencers ? These are characters and avatars created by the computer through an animation software that are conquering social networks, in particular Instagram, in quality & agrave; of models, brand ambassadors and product testers. With realistic facial expressions and body movements, they faithfully replicate human features and are therefore also used in other sectors, such as the music industry.


The specifications of the services are not yet known will arise from the partnership. As reported by an official note, Porsche & quot; collaborate & agrave; with iMaker in the field of digital application scenarios and in-car digital ecosystems, making vehicles an important part of digital life and consumer entertainment, as well as creating a convenient, seamless digital journey; and better for customers.

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