Political control of security guards is removed


Published 19 October 2021 at 10.33

Domestic. People with socially critical views can get jobs as security guards in the future. This is expected to be the result when the requirement for control by the Security Police is removed.

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Today's requirements include a check that security guards are not in Säpo's register and that “other information about the applicant is not processed by the Security Police”, which in practice excludes many from getting a job.

The government now wants to abolish the control of “civic reliability, as it is called, to become a security guard except when working on protected objects.

It is mainly about left- and right-wing extremists, but since the requirement is about everyone who Säpo also processes information on opening the text of the law to stop ordinary immigration critics and so-called “incels”, which the authority now monitors according to its own information.

Transport and Security Companies now warn that Nazis who are stopped from working as security guards on because of their opinions can get jobs in the future.

– We get information from Säpo that a number of people are stopped every year, says Li Jansson at Säkerhetsföretagen, to ETC.

Johanna Westeson, lawyer and expert in On discrimination issues at Amnesty, ETC tells security guards that they are guilty of racial profiling and violence against people with a non-European background, and the organization now fears that the problem may increase.