Polestar 3, the new electric SUV will be? pi? powerful of the Volvo XC90


Polestar 3 & egrave; an electric SUV that Polestar is developing and that will be; presented in 2022 to be marketed in 2023. A very important model for the growth strategy of the Swedish car manufacturer. It will be built in the United States and precisely in the Volvo plant in Ridgeville, South Carolina where it will be; also made the & quot; cousin & quot; Electric Volvo XC90. The European versions, on the other hand, will be assembled in a factory in China.

We already knew about him; some things but, now, thanks to an Autocar report, & egrave; You can find out more about the SUV.


The CEO of the company, Thomas Ingenlath , has confirmed that the SUV will have; of two rows of seats and therefore of 5 seats , despite in America, where it will be & agrave; built, the 7-seater models are having a lot of success. It is a deliberate choice to emphasize the & quot; sporty character & quot; and further differentiate the car from the Volvo XC90 which, instead, will be; a more model devoted to comfort. The choice of having only two rows of seats will allow; to give the roof a more line; aerodynamics. Furthermore, it will allow; to widen the space between the first and second row of seats giving a greater feeling of luxury.

Ingenlath has confirmed that, as with the Polestar 2, the company plans to offer versions with both engines single and both with dual engine and all-wheel drive although not in all markets. As the CEO points out, there are a lot of people who don't need all-wheel drive. Probably, the version with single engine will go; well in markets like China and America. The double engine and therefore the four-wheel drive, will be sold in Norway or Austria.

The Polestar 3, moreover, will be & agrave; more powerful of Volvo's XC90. On paper, therefore, it is a very interesting electric model. More details will certainly emerge over the next few months given that there is still some time left for the debut. Polestar, however, is not only working on this new model.

The Swedish manufacturer, in fact, aims to launch three new electric cars by 2024. In addition to the Polestar 3, in 2023 it will debut & agrave; the Polestar 4, a SUV Coup & eacute; smaller than the Polestar 3 that will go to compete directly with the likes of the electric Porsche Macan. In 2024 it will be; then the turn of the Polestar 5, an electric sedan derived from the Polestar Precept concept car.

This ambitious growth plan will be; supported, as known, by the listing on the stock exchange within the Nasdaq , through a merger with a SPAC (Gores Guggenheim).

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