NIO ES8 put to the test on the 1,000km test from Bj? Rn Nyland


The expansion plan of Chinese manufacturer NIO in Europe & egrave; departed from Norway where it has recently introduced its electric SUV ES8, a model that with the 100 kWh battery offers a range of up to 500 km. There is a lot of curiosity; in understanding if this car will succeed; to carve out a slice of the market given that rivals in the same segment are certainly not lacking. Surely the fact that it is compatible with battery swap will be able to & agrave; intrigue European customers, but the network of stations for exchanging batteries is; all to be built.

One of the first tests of the NIO ES8 SUV for the European market is; was made by the well-known youtuber Bj & oslash; rn Nyland who subjected the vehicle to its classic test on the 1,000 km journey to check consumption and capacity; charging. The result is; interesting as it emerges a comfortable vehicle but with above average consumption.


The test is & egrave; carried out in Norway at an average temperature of 15 degrees . Not the ideal climate for maximum battery performance, but still not too cold. The tested version is; was the one with 100 kWh accumulator that, according to the youtuber estimates, should have a capacity; usable equal to about 89.7 kWh. As mentioned above, the maximum declared distance is; 500km .

The 1,000km test took 11 hours and 25 minutes to complete. A somewhat result below average and far from the vehicles & quot; more & ugrave; rapid & quot ;. What, however, convinced the youtuber the least & egrave; was the overall consumption that & egrave; was equal to 318 Wh/km certainly conditioned by the 21-inch wheels and the important mass of the vehicle. Thus, 318 kWh of energy were consumed during the entire trip. In total, 5 stops were made for recharging.

And also the power supply did not fully convince Bj & oslash; rn Nyland. The peak power is between 110/120 kW which is not; very considering the capacity; accumulator. If consumption and energy supply did not satisfy the youtuber who, we remember, is; specialized in tests on electric cars of all kinds, impressions on comfort and driveability; they are positive. Bj & oslash; rn Nyland also pointed out that voice commands were not always correctly received.

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