Lapo Elkann says goodbye to Garage Italia: & quot; Disagreeing with the new partners & quot;


Garage Italia, the restaurant-workshop in Milan, says goodbye to its founder. Or rather, it is Lapo Elkann to say goodbye to his creative hub. After selling, in July, the company & agrave; itself to a Swiss holding Youngtimers c & # 39; & egrave; was a transfer of new partners within the company; unpublished characters that for & ograve; they do not seem to share the ideas of the national Lapo which, while giving up control, has maintained the office of honorary president and presence on the Board of Directors. After many divergent ideas, here is the fateful statement: & quot; I do not agree with the new partners & quot; and the consequent exit from Garage Italia . The announcement is was announced on Twitter a few days ago.

Lapo Elkann greeted and declared on Twitter as he was & quot; Disagree with new partners , with immediate effect I resign as Honorary Chairman and member of the Board of Directors of the company; who controls Garage Italia & rdquo ;. Lapo leaves after a long time at the helm of his creative hub without for & ograve; explain, specifically, what caused him to be permanently removed from & quot; his creature & quot ;, nor with which partners & egrave; went into friction.

In addition to the unexpected message , Lapo also wanted to thank all the people who have worked with him at Garage Italia over the years, as well as; the employees of the restaurant-workshop. Here are his words, always entrusted to the social Twitter.

& ldquo; Thanks to the Employees, Founding Members and Partners with whom We have shared and created unique and unforgettable projects together. I want to thank you one by one from the bottom of my heart & rdquo ;.

Garage Italia is still located in piazzale Accursio 86 in Milan, in the historic location that originally housed a petrol station Agip. The structure has a particular shape , commissioned by Enrico Mattei and designed by the architect Mario Bacciocchi between 1951 and 1953. The Garage Italia headquarters is located; then moved to the iconic gas station at the behest of Lapo Elkann, who made it a vehicle workshop with a high-class restaurant inside and an advanced driving simulator.

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