INEOS, 2 billion in green hydrogen. The Grenadier Fuel Cell with Hyundai technology


INEOS , the chemical giant, has announced a investment of 2 billion euros for the production of green hydrogen in Europe. Its first plants will be built in Norway, Germany and Belgium with investments also planned in the United Kingdom and France. The first plant to be built will be; a 20 MW electrolyser in Norway to produce green hydrogen and will serve; also as a hub to supply hydrogen to the Norwegian transport sector.

In Germany, INEOS plans to build a 100 MW electrolyser at its Cologne site. The hydrogen produced inside this plant will be used for carbon-free ammonia production. Also, it will open & agrave; also to the possibility; to develop E-Fuel. INEOS is pursuing other projects in Belgium, France and the UK and the company plans to announce further partnerships in the future.

INEOS also intends to work closely with European governments to ensure the creation of the necessary infrastructures to facilitate the main role of hydrogen in the new Green Economy . According to the company, in the long term, hydrogen will contribute; considerably to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions also with regard to domestic heating, where natural gas will be able to; be replaced with hydrogen.


The INEOS Automotive division of the company that developed the Grenadier, an off-road vehicle whose production will start; in 2022, it aims to introduce a Fuel Cell variant of this model over time. Thanks to a collaboration agreement signed in November 2020, the Grenadier concept with hydrogen cells will use; the technology developed by Hyundai . The tests will begin by the end of 2022.

So, alongside the petrol and diesel versions, it will arrive; a variant of the off-road vehicle equipped with clean propulsion technology.

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