IndiEV: new electric car with integrated gaming PC


There are many. They pop out of nowhere at a speed; considerable and are attracted by new technologies and unprecedented opportunities; of the market. What are? They are the electric vehicle startups , of course. Another pioneer is ready to leave for the 'New World of the Electron' and like so many others before her, the fertile base, the safe haven from which to start, cannot ' be that California.

In the belly of the state & egrave; a new startup was born with the crazy desire to enter the new mobility market; electric . The company & agrave; it's called IndiEV and, last week, it unveiled a small prototype of its first electric car called Indi One . The price ? It starts from about 38,000 euros and the exit is; expected towards the end of 2022.

The real news of Indi One is not in super-capacious batteries, electric motors that exploit energy in an innovative way and in the use of particular recycled materials. No. The novelty leading to the fore & egrave; that the new car will have a gaming computer inside.

Among other things equipped with all points: Windows operating system, Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia RTX2080 graphics card. The most experts will already have; crooked nose. Is not serious; a configuration at the latest cry: dignified, sure, but not in the latest fashion. From the IndiEV company they do for & ograve; to know that at more configurations more powerful versions of PC gaming will follow more electric versions & quot; full-optional & quot ;.

Meanwhile, the computer mounted on the working prototype is; ready to power games in reality; virtual or let us immerse ourselves in other games & quot; triple A & quot; to be projected on two 15-inch touchscreens on the dashboard , one of these will be; can also be used to show us the infotainment system. The computer & egrave; mounted under the front hood of the car . & Egrave; Packaged in a refrigerated and protected housing to withstand radical temperature changes and car vibrations. In addition, there will be & agrave; also a integrated 5G modem for a fast connection in game or to take advantage of the connectivity & agrave; with other devices.

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IndiEV exploit & agrave; an electric motor supplied by Jing-Jin Electric while the battery cells will be those of Eve Energy, the data concerning its power and overall autonomy have not yet been provided. On the other hand, IndiEV is launching a series of advertising or similar campaigns to make its project better known and thus go out; from the anonymity of the many other electric vehicle startups that have emerged in California in recent years, from Faraday Future to Fisker Inc. to Karma Automotive. Difficult task: it will have; luck?

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