Flying taxis, agreement for the development of a network of vertiport in Italy


The eVTOL sector (electric vertical take-off and landing) & egrave; particularly dynamic in recent times. They are appearing more and more; companies that intend to offer electric aircraft that can meet the needs of mobility; short-haul, especially in large cities & agrave; where the viability & egrave; particularly congested, offering & quot; flying taxi & quot; services. Even the car manufacturers are more and more; interested in this sector.

For example, Hyundai has decided to pursue its own project. Stellantis and Toyota, on the other hand, have invested in reality; who are making these aircraft. But to allow eVTOLs to operate, special infrastructures are needed , a sort of miniature airports. In this regard, there is an interesting news; for the Italian panorama. SEA Milan Airports and Skyports have decided to collaborate to evaluate the opportunity; to develop and manage a network of vertiports in Italy starting from Milan.

The vertiports would be nothing more than the small airports dedicated to these electric aircraft with vertical take-off and landing. For the moment, the details of the partnership are limited. The companies have reported that these structures will be scalable and cost-effective. The two partners would then have identified some use cases that could allow the start of transport operations in time for the 2026 Milan and Cortina Winter Olympics .

< p>The idea, therefore, is that of starting by creating these structures inside the Milan airports to allow eVTOLs to reach strategic areas of the city. The project & egrave; certainly interesting even if you need to & agrave; understand how many eVTOLs will be ready to provide a reliable transport service in time for 2026. Armando Brunini , CEO of SEA Milan Airports, said:

Collaborate with Skyports, leader in the design, construction and management of vertiports, will accelerate & agrave; the capacity of SEA to implement a network of vertiports, starting from the greater Milan, thus supporting its start-up phase and developing this promising and sustainable type of mobility.

Duncan Walker , CEO and founder of Skyports, added:

Milan & egrave; a fundamental center of activities; for northern Italy which makes it an attractive market for mobility applications; aerial. Our forecast is; to build several vertiports in Italy in the next few years, in time for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

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