A burnt out Bugatti Chiron goes up for auction: how much would you pay for it?


Bugatti Chiron & egrave; a supercar that every enthusiast would like to have in their home garage. To have it, however, you must not have limits on your budget because the cost exceeds 2 million euros . A car for the few (production is however limited to 500 units) capable of offering great driving emotions thanks to its very high performance. It is useless to look at the used market. Even if some lucky buyer were to decide to sell it, the price would not be very different from that of the new one.

The exclusivity & agrave; of this car makes it attractive even in case of serious damage .


In Florida, online auction site Copart has decided to offer a badly damaged 2019 Bugatti Chiron due to a fire . According to the YouTube channel of Royalty Exotic Cars (a luxury car rental company), the supercar it owns. by a hip-hop artist, she would have been voluntarily set on fire with a Molotov cocktail. How the event unfolded matters little today. What is more It is interesting to observe the damage that the car has suffered.

In addition to the damage to the front of the supercar, the fire affected the interior, the wiring and a part of the fiber chassis. carbon. Precisely for this reason, the insurance company considers the car only as a & quot; set of parts & quot; , as even if it were repaired it could no longer & ugrave; drive on the road. However, Royalty Exotic Cars gave us a thought and tried to buy it from the insurance company. The problem is; that the evaluation given by the insurance company is; was $ 1.2 million. A significant figure given that it is a car that will not be able to; more drive on the road. For this reason, there is no need for it; made more nothing.

Things would have been different if the company & agrave; had been able to take over the car for a figure of around 350 thousand dollars. Even if you invest $ 1 million in repairs, the potential profit would be high. After all, the original spare parts have very high prices and a possible repair would certainly have costs within the reach of a few.

A new possibility; it could come precisely from the online auction organized by Copart which set a starting price of 345 thousand dollars (currently we are at 346 thousand dollars). Royalty Exotic Cars has experience rebuilding Bugatti and at the right price, purchasing could turn out to be a bargain. Of course, there remains the problem of the fact that the car is no longer considered today; suitable to be able to go down on the road.

Sar & agrave; therefore very interesting to find out how much it will be; actually sold the supercar and who will succeed; to win it.

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