The Liberal's harsh words about Swedish zones – from the idyll


Published October 18, 2021 at 10.00

Domestic. Multiculturalism does not threaten the Swedish nation and the SD official who called for “Swedish zones” in Sweden is wrong. This is stated by DN's lead writer Andreas Johansson Heinö, who himself lives in a Swedish zone, in a column in DN today.

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Recently, the Facebook group “Swedish zones” was noticed, after an SD official turned out to be a member.

Johansson Heinö states in a DN column that the group apparently called for “a island of safe Swedishness in a sea of ​​foreign multiculture “and then rallies that the immigration & shy; critics now seem to have given up hope of stopping the growth of a liberal, multicultural Sweden.

” The hope of preserving the whole of Sweden “So it seems rather to be out. Now it's more about saving enough of the ancestral culture until the pigeon one day returns with the olive branch,” writes Johansson Heinö. how easy it is for him to understand himself and others who do as he does. At the same time, he highlights how wrong it would be if the state were to ensure that even less well-off people could afford to move to Swedish areas.

“As easy as it is to understand those who want to move – escape – away from crime , it is just as difficult to duck the unpleasant implications of the ideal of a national homeland that protects the majority from the minority “, he states in DN.