Over 100 young people admitted shoplifting


Published 17 October 2021 at 17.03

Domestic. A store in Lerum got over 100 young people to recognize and pay for themselves after offering an “amnesty” for swindlers, reports SVT Nyheter Väst.

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It was after a teenager was caught snatching that the store came to realize that burglary was a more widespread problem than had been thought.

– We told everyone to come here and do the right thing. Then we would not report to the police, says store manager Fredrik Lindqvist to SVT.

When the rumor about the “snatching amnesty” spread, more than 100 young people chose to apologize and pay for their stolen goods.

– When the young people came forward and admitted, we took our time to talk to them and explain how a police report had affected them and their families, says store manager Fredrik Lindqvist to SVT.