Lexus LX 600: premium yes, but also devoted to off-road


Here comes the new generation of the luxury SUV, Lexus LX 600 , after almost ten years after its first public appearance, at the New York Motor Show, and after several restylings that have confirmed its nature as an elegant vehicle but which does not disdain to tackle even the most off-road; impervious.

Lexus LX 600 2022 presents several novelties; aesthetics, all of which greatly emphasize its stage presence on the road. Looking at the SUV in the face you notice the wide radiator grille which blends seamlessly into the grille, with a headlight featuring 3D daytime running lights. This are & quot; pointed & quot; in shape and have a chrome strip inside, perfectly coordinated with the strips that make up the huge front grille. The wheel arches are muscular and square, while the rear light cluster joins towards the center of the tail. The spoiler that dominates on the b-side and proudly displays the Lexus writing is inevitable. The alloy wheels can be chosen in sizes 18 & rdquo ;, 20 & rdquo; o 22 & rdquo;

We always have the classic and pronounced instrument cluster that includes a digital screen and customizable graphics. Interestingly, in addition to the 12.3 '' infotainment display there is room for an additional 7-inch screen , presumably linked to climate management or other more & ugrave; limited to the vision of the rear cameras or to the settings for the on-board ADAS. The cockpit looks very robust with a large central dashboard while the materials chosen to compose the cockpit are premium, including quality leather and plastics; with soft upholstery. Confirmed the possibility; of the seven-seat configuration in the cockpit.

Hand in hand with the new engine there will be; the 10-speed automatic transmission ; the worthy replacement for the old 8-speed transmission; to always enjoy impeccable driving comfort. Speaking of comfort. To better fill any road imperfections, both with asphalted malt and on very uneven roads, the set up is; been revised with the addition of double wishbone suspension with optimized coil springs at the front and four link rear suspension to improve stability. and comfort and driving. Finally, & egrave; the position of the shock absorbers has been revised.

The news they don't end there. On the new generation & egrave; Also introduced was the new electric power steering, a new electronically controlled braking system, an active height control system that automatically adjusts the ride height and the Multi-Terrain Select system. This allows you to choose the optimal preset driving map based on the driving situations you are facing. The driver can & ograve; choose between the mode & agrave; Auto, Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow and Rock and others not yet better specified.

Lexus LX 600 will be; available during 2022 with prices that are yet to be revealed. The fittings , on the other hand, are official: Standard, Premium, Luxury and the unpublished, for the Ultra Luxury and F Sport models.

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