Kristersson: Badly from the left call us “blue-brown”


Published 18 October 2021 at 06.11

Domestic. In “Agenda” on SVT, M-leader Ulf Kristersson was asked questions about how he views the Sweden Democrats and being called “blue-brown”.

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Opposition parties have recently become more united. At the same time, the red-green parties have increasingly used the term “blue-brown” to describe the government alternative.

This made Jimmie Åkesson roar against the Green Party's spokesman Per Bolund in SVT's party leader debate a week ago. p>

– Per Bolund. Who's brown here, who do you think is brown? You're talking about the blue-browns, who's brown? Who is brown? Who is brown? thundered the SD leader.

In “Agenda”, Ulf Kristersson is now asked how he views the epithet “blue-brown”.

– I reacted as I did in recent years. This slander, insulting each other instead of talking politics, I think it's bad. I do not intend to deal with it, I do not intend to respond with the same coin. I have respect for my political opponents.

Kristersson did not want to answer the question of how he himself would like to describe the “power change parties”, but believes that it is the “issues” that are important.

– Each party must take responsibility for itself. The Sweden Democrats may take responsibility for the Sweden Democrats, the Left Party may take responsibility for the Left Party. The Sweden Democrats have very problematic roots. There are more parties in Sweden that have it, the Left Party also has it. I do not think that the roots of the Left Party or the roots of the Sweden Democrats prevent us from settling on concrete issues where we think the same. Otherwise we would not get anything done in Swedish politics.