Herbert Diess invited Elon Musk to talk about innovation to his managers


We know very well that between the CEO of the Volkswagen Group Herbet Diess and Elon Musk there is & # 39; & egrave; a relationship of friendship and mutual respect. You can't & ograve; not remember the meeting between the two a year ago at Braunschweig airport near Wolfsburg, where Diess had Musk try the new ID.3. At the time, it was speculated; much about the encounter which, in the end, turned out to be be, at least officially, just a courtesy visit from Tesla's CEO.

Elon Musk prov? to hire Herbert Diess to drive Tesla 56

Auto 14 Apr

The CEO of the Volkswagen Group has never hidden that he appreciates the work done by Musk so much that he has more; Tesla often cited as a reference in the electric car sector.


And Elon Musk & egrave; was the surprise guest of the convention that Diess organized with the 200 top managers of the Group that was turn in Alpbach. A three-day appointment in which the number one of the German group wanted to & quot; spur & quot; all executives at a change of pace to innovate more & ugrave; quickly and to win the challenge of the transition to mobility; electric. For the CEO, in fact, we need a new mentality to face the new challenge.

We need a new mentality; in Volkswagen to face the new challenge! After three days with 200 top managers from all over the world I am confident: we have everything there & ograve; we need to meet the challenges. Right strategy, right skills, right management team. We can do it, but we need to do it now.

Herbert Diess, in particular, underlined the crucial moment of the company and once again reiterated the concept that the Group must make more decisions; quick and have less bureaucracy. During the convention & egrave; Netflix was cited as an example that & egrave; was the protagonist of the & quot; transformation of the world of cinema & quot ;. And then & egrave; It was Musk's turn with whom Diess in videoconference spoke, among other things, about the reasons why Tesla moves more and more; easily from other car manufacturers .

According to what is it was reported, Musk would have pointed out that the secret & egrave; the & quot; management & quot ;.

& Egrave; the management style. I am primarily an engineer and, in addition to the car, I am fascinated by supply chains, logistics and production processes.

The aim of the German manager, inviting Musk, was to show once again the advantages of a more structure; agile and slim which allows you to proceed more expeditiously and accelerate innovation. Not for nothing, Diess wanted to emphasize that agility & agrave; Tesla has allowed her to deal with the chip crisis in the best possible way.

They handle the shortage of chips very well & ndash; the reason: they are developing their own software. In just 2-3 weeks they had new software that allows them to use different chips. Impressive.

Musk later stated that he thinks Volkswagen may be successful in the transition to electric vehicles and both consider the other company ; as their most & quot; competitor; strong & quot ;. Diess then made it known that he planned to visit the Gigafactory in Berlin.

One of the next great challenges of the German group will be; the Wolfsburg office which will be; revolutionized with the arrival of the Trinity electric flagship. A change that will allow; to compete with Tesla.

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