BMW NK1, the first electric on the new Neue Klasse platform in 2025


The next important step in BMW's electrification strategy will be; the arrival of the new Neue Klasse platform designed from scratch to be able to support also 100% electric vehicles . According to a report by Autocar, the first battery-powered car equipped with this new platform will arrive; in 2025 and will dispose of several novelties. He will reportedly bring; to debut the sixth generation of the eDrive, will have; of new generation batteries that will offer greater autonomy, will be able to & agrave; count on a new digital platform and it will be; also built using a mix of more sustainable materials.

Currently, this car would be known internally under the name of NK1 and will be & agrave; the first of a new generation of electric models from the German brand.


At first, this model is likely to be positioned as an electric alternative to the next generation of the 3 Series, especially in terms of size. Thanks to the new platform, in fact, design presenter & agrave; different shapes and proportions compared to those of the endothermic models. The appearance of this car will be also an anticipation of what we will then see over time on the subsequent new models of the German brand.

Again thanks to the new platform that eliminates the central tunnel , inside there will be & agrave; much more; space to the full advantage of habitability. As mentioned at the beginning, it will debut also the new sixth generation eDrive , with synchronous electric motors. Engines that will be more efficient and powerful than those available today. In addition, together with the new engines, the Neue Klasse platform will bring & agrave; 800 V architecture also debuts .

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This will allow & agrave; to be able to recharge the batteries at very high power for more and more stop times; short. There are no specific details yet on the type of batteries that will be used. However, BMW would be testing different types of cells with different chemistry . The goal would be to get the new NK1 to have an efficiency 20% higher than that offered today on the BMW iX for a range of about 700 km.

Finally, we remind you that the new Neue Klasse platform is; was developed also for traditional and hybrid models . Is not serious; therefore, exclusive to electric cars. Indeed, it could also be used for cars equipped with a Fuel Cell system.

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