Audi R8 could become hybrid or electric in 2023


The R8, for Audi, is; a true icon but we know that the House of the 4 rings is pushing a lot on its electrification program. In the past, there was no good news about the future of this model. For example, a few months ago Hildegard Wortmann (Audi sales and marketing manager), speaking with Top Gear, said:

The R8 & egrave; an icon of our brand. But icons of the past aren't necessarily icons of the future. A successor to the R8 will not be; just an R8 with an electric motor. It must be an R8 but different.

Reading between the lines you might think that a new generation of the R8, at least so; as we know it today, it may never come. But if the brand decided to make it, it could be very different from the current one and obviously equipped with some level of electrification. A statement not too far from that of the Audi CEO who at the beginning of 2021 had said he was not opposed to an electric R8.

A small but interesting news now arrives on the future of the R8: according to a report by Auto Bild, in 2023 the new R8 could arrive. Although the same does not specify many details, it highlights that the sports car could have the V8 of the Lamborghini Urus combined with a hybrid system . However, the possibility would not be excluded a priori; that the car can also be offered in a 100% electric version .

It is worth mentioning that several years ago Audi launched & ograve; the fully electric R8 e-Tron. A model produced in just 100 copies and which was not particularly successful. Now, for & ograve ;, the world of electric & egrave; totally changed and therefore proposing a battery-powered supercar could make sense. According to that information, therefore, there would be some “movements” around the R8. Obviously, as with any relationship, this too must be taken with due caution. The only thing that can be do & egrave; wait for further information or some official communication from the manufacturer to clarify the future of the R8.

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