Eskilstuna refuses to accept a single more immigrant


Published 17 October 2021 at 09.06

Domestic. The chairman of the municipal board in Eskilstuna, Jimmy Jansson (S), demands that the municipality should avoid receiving so-called newly arrived immigrants “for the foreseeable future”. It reports TT.

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Eskilstuna has not received any new arrivals for several years, but according to current proposals from the state, the municipality will receive 16 people from the third world next year.

This, however, is opposed by Jimmy Jansson (S) strongly. In a Facebook post, he refers to the serious crime of immigrants.

“That they kill each other in times and places where no one else can be affected. It is bad enough and must stop… But that they start “murder in the open in broad daylight … it is beyond all imaginable limits”, he writes.