The opposition is forcing the government to defend nuclear power in the EU


Published 16 October 2021 at 14.51

EU. Ten EU countries demand in a letter that nuclear power be classified as an environmentally friendly energy source, but the S government did not intend to sign the letter. But now the EU committee is forcing the government to sign the letter and to defend the nuclear-friendly line during the EU summit in Brussels, writes Dagens Industri.

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It is M, SD, KD and L who have a majority in the committee can therefore force the government to keep a certain line below EU summit.

Ten EU countries, led by France, have demanded that the European Commission “sustainability class” nuclear power technology to stimulate investment. France gets over 70 percent of its electricity from nuclear power and has signed the letter together with Finland, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Germany and four other countries want instead The technology is classified as environmentally hazardous, but Sweden will now side with France – contrary to what the government intends. nuclear power from its draft document, which prompted the Liberals to react and demand reformulations.

– We have always needed to correct the government in energy policy. There is a majority in the committee who think that nuclear power should have the same weight as other types of energy when the government speaks in the EU, says Arman Teimouri, energy and business policy spokesman for the Liberals, to DI.

The demand was supported by the Moderates, The Sweden Democrats and the Christian Democrats, who together with L have a majority in the committee.