Per Bolund's greedy “driving pleasure” video about electric boats is criticized


Published 15 October 2021 at 19.43

Domestic. Former MP leader Birger Schlaug sharply criticizes the fact that Minister of the Environment Per Bolund (MP) participates in a commercial from the luxury boat & shy; company Candela, where the minister markets the company's most greedy electric boat that can handle 30 knots.

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Schlaug led the Green Party 1985–2000 but is today seen almost as one of the party's last intellectuals. On his blog, he often criticizes the vulgar goodness and middle class party that the Green Party is often described as today.

In a recent post, Birger Schlaug points out that it is entirely possible to cause serious damage to the environment at large while at the same time signifying that “saving the climate”.

“It is simply called 'eco-modernism' and is the fools' plan to keep the growth driven by the curse of short-sightedness going. They close their eyes – want to solve the climate problem by creating another “, writes Schlaug and illustrates it with a picture from Per Bolund's commercial.

According to Schlaug, a greedy and energy-consuming lifestyle will require batteries that harm the environment in a different way than fossil fuels do, and which are hardly environmentally friendly according to Schlaug.

Bolund, on the other hand, is completely lyrical after testing the fast boat.

“Speed, silence, zero emissions and driving pleasure makes the electric boat hard to beat. Thank you #Candela for the visit and the test drive! “, he writes on Twitter.

In a text next to the film that Candela wrote in crisp English, the company links to Per Bolund's” speed “post and presents him as Sweden's “Vice Prime Minister” and a “talented pilot”. master of ships, while the now 50-year-old Bolund dropped out of completely different studies in 1999 and shortly afterwards became a Riksdag politician by profession.

“Someone should give Bolund a couple of years”, Schlaug states and continues:

“New technology is not enough, it also requires a new lifestyle. It is not more difficult than that. Its worse not easier either. “