Norwegian police refused to open fire on the archer – more died


Published 16 October 2021 at 11.10

Abroad. Criticism of the police intervention against the archer who killed five people in Norwegian Kongsberg is growing in the neighborhood. The first patrol was reportedly armed – but refused to fire.

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The first patrol found the perpetrator with a bow inside Coop, but felt that they could not shoot at the man.

Then he was neglected and he then walked around and murdered several people , among other things in their home, before reinforcements arrived.

The perpetrator was then arrested by a task force, unharmed and as far as is known without any shots being fired.

– The police came here with helmets, bulletproof vests and automatic rifles. We thought we were in the middle of a war zone, says Svein Westad who lives in Kongsberg, to SVT.

He believes that lives could have been saved if the police had chosen to intervene against the perpetrator directly.

arises in connection with the police operation, but that it is about quick decisions that the police must make when something similar happens.