Gordon Murray working on the new T.33 supercar


The Gordon Murray T.50 & egrave; a supercar that, due to its technical specifications, has greatly impressed enthusiasts. V12 engine capable of exceeding 12,000 rpm, weight reduced to a minimum and a rather refined aerodynamics are just some of the characteristics of this supercar that aims to be the heir to the iconic McLaren F1 ever. designed by Gordon Murray.

A model that will be; produced in only 100 copies at a price very close to 3 million euros . Apparently, the company Gordon Murray Automotive would be working on another supercar, less extreme and which should be offered at a higher cost; low even if it will be & agrave; always within the reach of a few.


A Motor Authority report, in fact, makes it known that the company has registered the name T.33 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the United States Patent and Trademark Office ). An interesting detail because & eacute; a few months ago the news emerged that Gordon Murray was working on a new supercar model, known at the time as Project Two . Even at the time there was talk of a less extreme vehicle than the T.50. So, in the end, this car could be called Gordon Murray T.33.

But what could be the main features of this new model? According to the report, the T.33 will have; always a V12 engine (less powerful than that of the T.50) and a manual transmission. Again, the constructor will work; to reduce the weight the most & ugrave; possible. However, aerodynamics will be less sophisticated . For example, there should be no rear fan. Also, the car will have a more conformation; & quot; traditional & quot ;, abandoning the three-seat layout, with that of the driver positioned more & ugrave; ahead of the other two.

The new model pogger & agrave; on a new carbon fiber architecture that will give it & agrave; different proportions than the T.50. In this way, the two sports will have a different appearance. The T.33, therefore, will not be & agrave; a & quot; simplified & quot; version of the T.50 but a whole new model.

The T.33 should, according to the report, go into production in 2023 after it will be & agrave; completed that of T.50. There will, therefore, still be some time to learn more. Finally, it seems that even in this case the company intends to build only 100 examples of the new supercar.

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