A: Zero immigrants to Eskilstuna please


Published October 16, 2021 at 10:42

Domestic. Third world? No thanks. Eskilstuna municipality will not receive the 16 asylum immigrants that it is obliged to receive according to the county administrative board. This is announced by the chairman of the municipal board Jimmy Jansson (S).

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In a post on Facebook, he writes that Eskilstuna can not handle more expatriate immigrants because they municipality has already committed too many violent crimes in the municipality.

“That they kill each other on “times and places where no one else can be affected. It's bad enough and must stop … But that they have started murdering in the open street in broad daylight … it is beyond all imaginable limits”, he writes.

– And we have no opportunity to do that, says Jimmy Jansson (S) to radio P4 Sörmland.

According to the county administrative board, Nyköping and Strängnäs receive about 40 immigrants each, while Vingåker and Flen completely avoid this kind of placement of immigrants.

Jimmy Jansson states, however, that a number of hundreds of immigrants settle in the municipality every year anyway, with support for other legislation.