Update 1: Deathloop receives DLSS and bug fixes


One month after its appearance, Arkane Studios released the first major patch for the action game Deathloop. Problems such as FPS drops, jerking cameras or inconsistencies in the behavior of NPCs are addressed. In addition, PC gamers receive support for Nvidia DLSS.

In the Deathloop test, ComputerBase not only had the quality and performance with activated ray tracing, but also with FidelityFX Super Resolution ( FSR) determined by AMD. It turned out that while upscaling provides significantly more performance, it doesn't look much good.

Deathloop gets Nvidia DLSS

With Update 1 for Deathloop, Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), the AI-supported alternative from Nvidia, is introduced, which, unlike the open AMD FSR, is limited to GeForce RTX graphics cards. Tests will show whether this form of upscaling to increase performance is more convincing.

The other changes with the first big patch for Deathloop can be found in the release notes (see below). The patch was released for PC and PlayStation 5 and measures around 11 GB in the version for the PC.

    < li>Fixed bugs that caused frame rate drops and jerky camera movements.
  • Support for NVIDIA DLSS has been added.
  • Support for audio from the DualSense ™ wireless controller has been added.
  • If the connection quality is poor, a message now appears on the top right of the screen (similar to a speedometer with an exclamation mark).
  • Performance and stability, especially in terms of ray tracing, have been improved.
  • Pathfinding and reactions of the NPC towards the player have been improved.
  • The quality of the audio mix has been increased.
  • With Colt and Julianna players, laser mines, guns and fireworks now show a correct one Behavior.
  • A problem with the mouse wheel has been fixed. Using the mouse wheel to switch weapons now works as intended and no longer causes weapons to be dropped.
  • Fixed a bug when unlocking the achievements “Oops” and “In Adam's and Eva Costume”.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes reset Colt's progress, even if the player confirmed with “No”.
  • Fixed a crash issue that occurred when a player unlocked a Mastery Using Havoc as Julianna.
  • Aleksis Dorsey's responses have been reworked to make it easier to place him among the Identify party guests.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused glitches to sometimes occur during kills when playing as Julianna.
  • Julianna's actions no longer directly unlock achievements for Colt.
  • < li> Julianna players no longer hear conversations over the radio that are only intended for Colt.

  • A problem has been fixed that occurred when leaning (inputs are no longer sporadically ignored).

Arkane Studios on Update 1 for Deathloop

The editorial team thanks ComputerBase reader” Sebastian_12 “for the hint.