Tesla, maxi agreement for the supply of nickel for its batteries


Tesla intends to grow rapidly and therefore will have; need to have an increasing supply of batteries for its cars. It is not for nothing that he is working on the development of the new 4680 cells which will produce & agrave; directly. But to build the new batteries en masse there is; need to ensure availability; of specific raw materials including nickel . Precisely for this reason, the American carmaker has just entered into an important agreement for the supply of nickel with Prony Resources , a company & agrave; which is based in New Caledonia.


Reuters announces that the agreement provides for the supply of 42,000 tons of nickel in the next few years. This company & agrave; will become hence one of Tesla's key suppliers for battery manufacturing. Prony Resources which recently acquired the assets extraction of nickel from the Brazilian Vale, intends to produce 44 thousand tons of nickel by 2024, double the production forecast for 2021.

This means that Tesla will buy & agrave; most of the nickel production of the next few years. The American car manufacturer will therefore become the most major client of Prony Resources. Elon Musk's company already collaborated with this company of New Caledonia but as a consultant for product standards and sustainability. The company & agrave; americana also already has; a nickel supply agreement with BHP , an Australian company. Also, if it will be & agrave; necessary, Tesla & egrave; ready to sign agreements also with other suppliers of this important element for the construction of the batteries.

On Battery Day when the automaker unveiled the 4680 cells, Elon Musk urged the companies & agrave; mining to increase nickel extraction as this element will become more and more; demanded with the growth of the electric car market. Increase in production also necessary to prevent nickel from rising excessively in price as it already has; happened in the past. On that occasion but also later, Elon Musk more & ugrave; he had sometimes said he was ready to sign supply agreements with the companies & agrave; companies that would have decided to increase the production of nickel.

This important agreement that probably will not be; not even the last one, is also the confirmation that Tesla intends to grow rapidly over the next few years thanks to the new batteries that will go; to build directly.

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