Not established that the bomber committed suicide


Published 15 October 2021 at 10.16

Domestic. The cause of death for the deceased Mark Lorentzon, who for probable cause was suspected of the explosion on Övre Husargatan on 28 September and was found dead just over a week later, is still unclear. It shows the preliminary autopsy protocol, states SVT.

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On the morning of October 6, his body was found floating in the water at Stenpiren in central Gothenburg, but the reason why it ended up there is still unknown.

The police say that it “at present “There is no suspicion of crime behind the death but has not been able to establish that he took his own life.

After the finding, the prosecutor handed over the further investigation to the police in Gothenburg. Work is now underway to try to clarify exactly what really happened, according to SVT.

Today, the police are expected to return control of the property to the property owner Ernst Rosén.