Jeep Compass, the plug-in hybrid? on offer at 319 euros per month all included


Jeep has decided to provide an additional incentive to purchase the SUV Compass, one of the most & ugrave; appreciated by motorists of the Bel Paese, especially after the restyling in April. The company & agrave; of the Stellantis group has promoted the initiative Unlimited in collaboration with Leasys, which for the month of October allows you to put a garage a Compass 4xe plug-in hybrid paying a fee of 319 euros per month VAT included near to; all-inclusive of the whole series of expenses and tasks that insist on the maintenance of a car.

The plan for 36 months in fact allows you to relieve the burden of: RCA insurance, theft and fire policy, damage repair, roadside assistance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, with the plus of not having limits on the mileage that can be traveled and pure on the refills carried out at all Leasys Mobility Stores.

The Unlimited offer, thus formulated, & egrave; referring to Compass 4xe 190 HP under construction Limited , and provides for an advance of 9,950 euros, & egrave; subject to availability of vehicles – a not negligible factor, unfortunately, these days -, to the approval of Leasys and in any case to the time allowed for subscription, that is; by Sunday 31 October.


Jeep Compass 4xe & egrave; available in two power variants, 190 or 240 HP , both powered by the 1.3-liter turbocharged FireFly thermal engine which provides 130 or 180 HP respectively, while the remainder comes from the < strong> electric motor which, thanks to the 11.4 kWh lithium-ion battery, allows the Compass 4xe to travel up to 49 km without emitting a gram of carbon dioxide.

The example from 319 euros per month, as mentioned above, refers to the variant with 190 HP and 270 nm of torque overall. It sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds and allows you to go up to 184 km/h, with an average consumption in the combined cycle WLTP in mode & agrave; hybrid of over 52 km/l. The complete recharge of the 11.4 kWh accumulator at a 7.2 kW column (the maximum that Compass 4xe can ; accept) takes, according to the declared data, about an hour and a half.

Three modes; of energy management provided by the Hybrid Mode Selector: Hybrid, which uses both engines, Electric, which uses only the electric motor reducing CO2 emissions to zero, and E-Save, which maintains the battery charge level by increasing the effectiveness of autonomous charging systems.

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