Video: Here, the left-wing extremist throws a smoke bomb into the girl's bedroom


Published October 14, 2021 at 12.50

Domestic. Last night, left-wing extremists carried out new attacks on Exakt24's journalist Christian Peterson, 19, in Gothenburg. A left-wing extremist was caught by the surveillance camera when he threw a smoke bomb into Christian's little sister's bedroom.

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Christian Peterson says he was woken at 2am last night by his little sister screaming for help.

When he ran to her it turned out that someone had thrown a smoke bomb into the girl's bedroom.

– They failed to drop the second smoke bomb in the second window. They only had time to throw a stone through the window there, says Christian Peterson.

The police were on the scene in just a few minutes, and the fire brigade came and took care of the smoke bomb.

The masked left-wing extremist was captured by a surveillance camera and Peterson posted the video on social media. Christp Peterson works for the media site Exakt24 and has reviewed several leading left-wing extremists. Fria Tider has previously reported on how left-wing extremists attacked his single mother's house in Örgryte

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