The first unboxing videos of the Apple Watch Series 7 are online


Hands-on videos and experiences

The first hands-on experiences with the Apple Watch Series 7 can now be found online, in both written articles and videos. The latter are of course the most interesting at the moment, because few people outside of Apple have had the product in their hands yet. There are several unboxing videos that give you an impression of the packaging and putting it into use. You won't find very in-depth experiences, as most reviewers only got a few hours to play before the deadline expired.

First impression of MKBHD

Marques Brownlee shows the first experiences with the new product in his video. As usual, he is quite thorough and also tells some interesting tidbits, such as about the on-screen keyboard. His video is titled ‘Spot the Differences!’ because this new model is difficult to distinguish from its predecessor.

The Verge about the Series 7

The Verge emphasizes the larger screen and faster charging, but sees no further reasons to upgrade. If there's nothing wrong with your current Apple Watch, you don't really need to update. The dust resistance and the fact that you can set multiple timers is also a plus. Unfortunately, however, Qi charging is still not supported, there are no third-party watch faces and the battery only lasts one day.

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< h3>Series 7 review from CNET

“A slightly better version of the Apple Watch Series 6” is the title of the CNET review. That's right and also immediately indicates the lack of ambition that Apple has had with this smartwatch. It feels more like an Apple Watch 6S, but if you have an older model it can still feel like a big jump. Pros are the online keyboard, faster charging and larger buttons. On the minus side are battery life and dials. The battery has not improved and there are only two new watch faces.

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TechCrunch on the Series 7

At TechCrunch they say that as a daily user of the Apple Watch you immediately notice the difference in size, even if it hardly differs from previous years. The screen has gone from 1.78 to 1.9 inches and that is clearly noticeable. The biggest advantage of the larger screen is that you can now use a keyboard on it. This works very well.

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Input Magazine on the new color options

The people at Input mainly talk about the colours. There is now a new green Apple Watch, reminiscent of the green iPhone 11 Pro. It is a dark shade of green that sometimes tends to black. Instead of performance, the Series 7 focuses on better readability and durability. It's a big upgrade if you have a Series 3 or older. Otherwise not.

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Engadget's Apple Watch Series 7 review

According to Engadget, everything revolves around the screen. After all, on something as small as a watch, every fraction of an inch counts. The larger screen is more user-friendly, the faster charging is nice and watchOS 8 is very powerful. Less pleasant is that you have to draw up a whole schedule when measuring sleep and that it works less well than with the competition.

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Videos from René Ritchie, Tech Guide, Bright and more

See more videos below from YouTubers getting to grips with the Apple Watch Series 7:

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