Tesla is building the first Megacharger for its electric trucks


When the Tesla Semi electric truck was presented, the American manufacturer also unveiled the project of the & quot; Megacharger & quot ;, that is; the equivalent of Supercharger stations, very high-power charging points thanks to which battery-powered trucks can be recharged. At the time there was talk of stations capable of delivering over 1 MW so that vehicles could be quickly supplied with energy. The goal was to allow 400 miles (about 640 km) of range to be recovered in just 30 minutes. It was a particularly ambitious project which, later on, we are talking about; very little known.

After all, the Tesla Semi & egrave; late on the original schedule . As we know, in fact, it will take & agrave; still some time before you can see it on the road. But even if the production of the electric truck is not; still begun, Tesla has finally begun to work on the Megacharger network. The American carmaker is building a first station dedicated to its electric trucks inside its Gigafactory in Nevada where it has a facility where the units are produced of Tesla Semi for testing.

Surely, this station will serve; for Tesla Semi tests but & egrave; certainly good news that suggests that the development of the electric truck is continuing. In addition, the builder will be able to experience the functioning of the station itself since in the original plans it is; the creation of a Megacharger network is planned.

The findings, however, should not suggest that Tesla is about to start mass construction of the Tesla Semi. At the moment, Elon Musk's company is focusing on increasing production of the Model Y and the debut of the Cybertruck electric pickup. Only after will he be able to focus his attention on the electric truck.

Once the Tesla Semi officially hit the market, it will be; It is very interesting to find out more details on the Magacharger project: not only where they will be installed but also the actual charging powers . All that remains is to wait for more information from the American car manufacturer.

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