Smart trains: now autonomous driving is coming to them too


Deutsche Bahn (DB) and Siemens Mobility have developed the first self-driving train in the world , also able to maneuver autonomously in rail traffic. Richard Lutz, CEO of DB, and Roland Busch, CEO of Siemens AG, together with Peter Tschentscher, Mayor of Hamburg, presented the smart train on 11 October 2021, on the occasion of its first run.

But how does the train drive autonomously? Obviously there & # 39; & egrave; the hand of technology that allows you to travel with the help of multiple sensors , for & ograve; the human presence is; essential also in this case. In addition to visitors there will be; also a train leader capable of supervising the journey.

Richard Lutz , CEO of DB, said: & ldquo; Today we are experiencing an important turning point: the railway & egrave; entry into the era of the digitized future. Automated railway operations are now a reality; and we can offer our passengers a complete and reliable service. Our goal is; making rail transport attractive to more and more people and helping to create new mobility & quot ;.

Since December, four trains & quot; digital & quot; of the S-Bahn will automatically operate along a 23 km railway section of Line 21, between Berliner Tor and Bergedorf/Aum & uuml; hle stations. The new & quot; autonomous driving & quot; trains are based on the standard European Automatic Train Operation (ATO) protocol, combined with the European Train Control System (ETCS).

I am able to regulate speed; according to real traffic conditions and to communicate with other trains traveling on the same route. All convoys are constantly followed by navigation satellites such as GPS or Galileo, and are equipped with vision sensors, radar and lidar laser equipment. It is expected that this technology will be; used nationwide for all national trains. The digital self-driving S-Bahn railway required an investment of 60 million euros.

& ldquo; We are making rail transport more efficient. intelligent. Trains follow the perfect timetable automatically, precisely to the second not to mention energy optimization, 'commented Roland Busch , CEO of Siemens AG. & ldquo; Train journeys will be longer; attractive to travelers and, at the same time, we will be able to protect the climate. With our technology, our trains can carry up to 30% more; passengers and save over 30% energy & quot ;.

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