Muslim party: Burn down Lars Vilk's artwork Nimis


Published 13 October 2021 at 11.55

Domestic. The recently deceased artist Lars Vilk's artwork Nimis is a symbol of Islamophobia and should be burned down. It writes the Muslim Party Nuans in a debate article in the GP.

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“In addition to being a black building, Nimis for many also symbolizes discord and polarization as a result of the creator's other deeds. Preserving Nimis not only creates ambiguities regarding Swedish legal security, but will also contribute to further polarization” , writes the party.

The article has been signed by party leader Mikail Yüksel and two other party representatives.

“For many, including Muslims, it is a misery to see Nimis stand. It has has come to symbolize the normalization and acceptance of Islamophobia and racism in society. Therefore, Nimis should be immediately burned down by the county administrative board. It would not be a day too late “, the trio continues.

Nimis stands by Håle stones in northwestern Skåne. The artwork consists mainly of several wooden structures, erected by driftwood, planks and tree branches