Michelin with Edison to make the Cuneo plant more? sustainable


Michelin is pushing a lot on the topic of sustainability. The company aims to reduce emissions by 50% in 2030 compared to 2010 and then become carbon neutral in 2050 . Part of the plan to achieve these goals is; the new agreement with Edison for energy efficiency, sustainability; environmental impact and the reduction of the carbon footprint of the Michelin plant in Cuneo , which will be possible thanks to the construction of plants for the production of energy with low environmental impact and energy from renewable sources.

The Cuneo site & egrave; the most & ugrave; large of Michelin in Western Europe and has a capacity production of 13 million car tires per year.


Thanks to this new initiative will be & agrave; It is possible to cover 97% of the energy needs of the Cuneo plant. Specifically, Edison will go to build a new high efficiency trigeneration plant capable of simultaneously producing electricity, steam and water for heating and cooling. Photovoltaic systems will also be built that will be installed on the canopies of the car parks and in other available areas, as well as an integrated system consisting of boilers for the supply of the steam necessary for the production of tires, which also provides for the use of woody biomass with a short supply chain.

Thanks to these works, from 2023 the Cuneo plant will have; 16% of energy from renewable sources is available. In this way it will be; it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 18,000 tons per year. reach 100% thanks to flexibility; of the plants and the progressive use more and more; wide range of alternative fuels and renewable sources. Edison will provide; in addition to the Cuneo plant, through the national transmission grid, electricity produced and certified from renewable sources to supplement the on-site self-production.

The agreement between Michelin and Edison provides for a duration of 15 years. Simone Miatton , CEO of Michelin Italia, commented:

This agreement represents an important step towards our ambitious sustainability goals. The Cuneo plant, due to its size and strategic importance within the Michelin Group, pursues sustainability; daily also through agreements with first-level partners such as the one signed today.

Giovanni Brianza , Executive Vice President of energy and environmental services at Edison, added:

We are very pleased to announce this collaboration with Michelin Italiana which has chosen Edison as a partner for sustainability; of its own production in Italy. & Egrave; a concrete example of how we accompany our partners in a totally designed & ldquo; tailor-made & rdquo; energy consumption optimization path; according to their specific needs. A complex project that & egrave; was made possible thanks to the teamwork and skills that Edison made available to Michelin to jointly achieve important objectives of efficiency and sustainability; environmental.

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