Lucid Air, new details on the DreamDrive assisted driving platform


The production of the new electric Lucid Air is; just started and soon the first customers will receive this interesting model. This car will have; of many advanced technologies including an assisted driving platform called DreamDrive. In the past, the American manufacturer had illustrated some initial information on this platform but, now, it has provided some further details, in particular of the larger version; advanced called DreamDrive Pro .


The DreamDrive Pro platform, standard on the Lucid Air Dream Edition and Grand Touring and on request for the other models of the electric sedan, can ; count on 32 on-board sensors and on a sophisticated driver monitoring system. The car will therefore have various cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors and a LiDAR . This equipment allows the DreamDrive Pro system to have a complete perception of what is happening around the car and to “ detect objects that a human driver could not see ''. Also, the Pro version has added hardware that will serve you; for the future arrival of new advanced driving assistance features.

& quot; Spine & quot; of this system & egrave; the Ethernet Ring, a high-speed data network which allows the on-board computers to communicate with each other. The driver interacts with DreamDrive through an intuitive interface that displays clear information and also through an audio system with 21 speakers that provides clear sound alerts. The manufacturer states that this platform supports over 30 features including traffic sign recognition, automatic emergency braking, parking assistance, adaptive cruise control and more.

Also present the function Highway Assist which allows the car to have a Level 2 driving assistance system by combining adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistant, to maintain the car always in the center of the lane and at the right distance from other vehicles when traveling on the motorway.

On vehicles equipped with DreamDrive Pro, Highway Assist will be & agrave; further refined in the future to offer more functionality. Everything will be possible thanks to the OTA updates that will improve the main vehicle systems over time. The car can count on Auto Park, an automatic parking system.

To make sure the driver stays alert, DreamDrive uses an internal infrared camera that tracks the position of the head, the gaze and the beat of the eyelids. There are sensors on the steering wheel that check that the driver does not take his hands off.

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