Hyundai: here is the folding steering wheel designed for autonomous driving


Tesla is trying to change the steering wheel of the cars, with somewhat results. fluctuating, but there are also other car manufacturers that aim to revolutionize a fundamental part of today's cars that have long been remained unchanged and unchanged in its form.

Now Hyundai Mobis , the official supplier of Hyundai spare parts and components, has also presented its idea of ​​a steering wheel : revolutionary and futuristic. It is foldable but above all designed for future vehicles able to drive alone without human help. In short, & egrave; the right steering wheel for when advanced autonomous driving takes over really foot.

The Hyundai Mobis steering wheel does not yet have an official name and, at first glance, it looks very similar to an aircraft stick when completely out of its housing. Speaking of this, the new Hyundai Mobis steering wheel can & ograve; exit from its housing by moving towards the driver by 25 cm and then return autonomously to its seat and disappear inside the dashboard, thus freeing up; space for the driver during autonomous travel. Patents are pending worldwide and the company plans to sell it to other car manufacturers in the future.

& ldquo; Hyundai Mobis & rdquo; explains Jang-don Choi , one of the executives of the company & agrave; responsible for the project, & ldquo; goes beyond simply reinterpreting existing technologies and instead develops components that can be applied to the cars of the future in totally new ways & rdquo ;.

The folding steering wheel & egrave; compatible with by-wire steering fittings , ie those systems that replace the physical connection between steering wheel and wheels with such electronic; to restore better driveability, reducing the vibrations perceived by the driver to a minimum. The Hyundai Mobis steering leverages the components of the house, without the help of external companies. Here then is the steering column, the materials with which & egrave; composed the steering wheel, but also the sliding rail supplied are produced by Hyundai.

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