Honda SENSING 360, new omnidirectional system for assisted driving


Honda continues to develop its driving assistance systems to improve the level of safety of its cars . The Japanese automaker has announced the new Honda SENSING 360 omnidirectional system which eliminates blind spots around the vehicle and helps avoid collisions by reducing driving fatigue for the driver. The debut is; expected in 2022 in China. Starting in 2030, Honda will extend & agrave; the system to all models for sale in the main markets.


The Japanese manufacturer has shared some details of the operation of the new Honda SENSING 360. According to what has been reported, the system allows 360-degree detection thanks to five units & agrave; millimeter wave radar at the front and at every corner of the car which add to the camera available on the current version of Honda SENSING. Thanks to this hardware platform, the detection field now covers blind spots around the car . This is an important security advantage.

To develop this system, the brand has leveraged its expertise in business activities. of research and development of technologies for autonomous driving of Level 3. (here we explain the different Levels of autonomous driving) The new Honda SENSING 360 will offer; different features driving assistance. For example, we will find the warning of traffic approaching an intersection.

When the vehicle is moving at low speed; o it restarts from a stop at a road intersection, the system informs the driver about approaching vehicles coming from a side or front direction. If the system recognizes the risk of a collision with another vehicle, it activates audible and visual signals on the control panel to alert the driver requesting an intervention.

Furthermore, the system, during a lane change helps to avoid a collision with an oncoming vehicle from behind. If it recognizes a risk of a collision with an approaching vehicle in the blind spot at the rear, it activates audible and visual signals on the control panel to warn the driver, assisting him in the maneuver. In addition, offers active lane change assistance with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Low-Speed ​​Follow and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) functions active.

Finally, if adaptive cruise control & egrave; in operation, the system adjusts the speed; car cornering on a fast road.

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