Honda E: Prototype, the real images of the electric appear before the debut


Honda presented the E: Prototype concept that anticipated the shapes of a future electric SUV at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. Not many details had been provided at the time about this model except that it would go on sale in the course of 2022 and that it would be exclusive to the Chinese market. Apparently the time for its presentation is ripe. The announcement should take place today evening. Meanwhile, the first real images have appeared on the net.

The photos come directly from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This is not a mistake. All cars sold in China go through a specific homologation process and, in some cases, images are released on the ministry's website before the official debut. How can you & ograve; see from the photos, the design & egrave; very close to that of the concept car which in turn is; very similar to the new version of the HR-V.

Compared to the endothermic model, the front grille is closed due to the absence of the combustion engine. The charging port is located on the front, behind the Honda logo. Very interesting is the rear part where it is; present the badge and: NS1 . This will be probably the official name of the new electric model.

As for the technical specifications, the documentation that emerged together with the photos highlights the presence of a 150 kW electric motor capable of pushing the SUV up to speed maximum speed of 150 km/h. To power the unit a battery with a capacity; of 68.8 kWh . Autonomy is not been mentioned. The SUV will have also of 18-inch wheels and avr & agrave; a weight of 2,108 kg.

As mentioned above, the new Honda is: NS1, if it will be called & agrave; really so, it will remain an exclusive model for the Chinese market. A total of 10 battery-powered models will be launched in China over the next 5 years. In America, however, thanks to the collaboration with GM, two electric cars will arrive that will be seen under the Honda and Acura brands.

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