BMW ready to stop the endothermic from 2030 if it will be? necessary


BMW has never announced any date to stop selling endothermic models as others have done builders. Think, for example, of Audi which from 2026 will launch; only new electric vehicles on the market. Indeed, several times we & egrave; demonstrated a little skeptical of the haste of some car manufacturers to have battery-only models available in a short time. This, despite the fact that the German brand already has; on the market several electric models whose number is; set to increase over the next few years.


Despite this & quot; caution & quot ;, CEO Oliver Zipse it is said sure that BMW will be & agrave; ready for any ban on combustion engine cars from 2030 onwards with an offer of electric vehicles. As we know, the European Commission has proposed to stop the sales of new endothermic from 2035. But there are some countries that aim for shorter timescales; narrow, like the United Kingdom, for example.

The German carmaker, however, has made it known that from 2030 it will be; ready, regardless of what it will be & agrave; decided.

We will be ready to eliminate the endotherms. If a region, a city, a country has the idea of ​​banning internal combustion models, we have an offer. The BMW Group is not; worried about this.

The CEO, however, does not want to comment on the political aspect of the decisions, stating that “ if it's a good idea, '' another 'question'. A very & quot; elegant & quot; way to make it clear that if they arrive in a short time to offer only electric it will be; because & eacute; someone requests it and not for their will. In any case, the German brand does not seem to be worried by any decisions to ban endothermic plants from 2030 onwards, as it will have; however, a range of electric to offer to customers.

Currently, the car manufacturer already has; on the market the small i3 and the iX3 SUV and recently presented the iX and i4 models. Battery versions of the 7 Series and X1 should arrive in the near future. From 2025 onwards, moreover, it will be & agrave; a new platform designed from scratch is also available for the new generation electric models. On the MINI front , however, concerns should be even less since & egrave; already it was announced that from 2030 it will become; an electric-only brand.

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